Advisory Board

Who can be part of the advisory committee?

The ENP has the option to establish a further Advisory Committee to support strategic planning, local fundraising and national dissemination. An ENP Advisory Committee could comprise of any number of patient, academic, industry representatives, healthcare professionals and or other relevant local partners, including government or regulatory bodies. The exact composition, function and term in office should be determined by the ENP Executive Committee by a consensus vote, but a majority of positions must be reserved for patient representatives. The Chair of the Executive Committee would also chair the Advisory Committee meetings.


How many times does the advisory committee come together?

Members would optimally meet bi-annually. All positions would be held in a voluntary capacity.


What is the function of the advisory committee?

The function of the Advisory Committee is to support the Executive Committee in setting the medium-long strategic priorities for the ENP. The Advisory Committee members should each have a duty to publicise the impact of EUPATI nationally and raise funds for ENP activities. Members should contribute a wealth of patient advocacy experience, a strong network of personal and professional contacts, extensive experience in public communications and fundraising.