Membership of the ENP remains open to all patients, patient advocates, patient organisations, academics, institutions, university hospitals, healthcare associations, industry representatives, companies, government officials, regulatory bodies and medical journalists. The ENP welcomes both individuals and organisations as members. The ENP welcomes members from all regions of Belgium.

A request to become a member of the ENP should be sent to the ENP Executive Committee at   New members will be asked to review this ENP Statute and to sign up to its provisions.

Individuals who are members will have the right to attend and vote at Annual Meetings; participate in ENP activities; speak about EUPATI at public events; make submissions to the ENP Committee. There is no membership fee. Each individual member has one vote. Members give consent for their personal contact details to be added to the ENP mailing list and shared with other members.

Members should have an interest in patient involvement in medicines development and must subscribe to the EUPATI vision for patients, academia and industry to work together in partnership to improve patient involvement in medicines research and development. Membership of the ENP does not preclude members from joining any other group or association.