Objectives EUPATI BE

The aim of EUPATI BE is to create an ecosystem where patients can be true partners in healthcare. Everyone speaks about patient-involvement, but in order to have effective patient involvement that works, patients need to be able to understand the complex healthcare ecosystem. Our objective is to educate patients to become patient experts and to facilitate patient involvement by creating sustainable partnerships with all stakeholders.

The ENP has set six objectives to:

  • Empower patients by broadly promoting patient education and involvement;
  • raise awareness about the EUPATI project and its results at a national level;
  • disseminate EUPATI educational and training material to patients and to the general public;
  • grow the EUPATI network nationally and stimulate patients to get involved in EUPATI activities;
  • foster national debate on patient involvement in medicines research and development;
  • establish the National Platform as a sustainable partnership, and a key interlocutor for government when developing relevant health research legislation, policy and practice.